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Four Step Guide to Marketing

1.  Define the target market.  A market comprises Buyers and Sellers.  

	A.  Who are the buyers?  
	What are their lives like?  
	What do they all have in common: maybe a job title? 
	A location? A hobby?   

	B.  Who are the sellers?  
	What do they offer?  
	How much does it cost?  
	Who are their customers?  
	How do they communicate with the Buyers?
	Why do Buyers purchase from the Seller? 

2.  Contact the buyers in a cost efficient way.  That may include:

	A.  Facebook ads

	B.  Google ads

	C.  Getting their friends to spread the word

	D.  Making something that grabs the news media's attention

	E.  Letters in the mail

	F.  Emails

	G.  Phone calls

	H.  In-person visits

	I.  Writing blogs that get posted to their favorite social media sites 

	And do so repeatedly, 
	because timing is important, 
	luck plays a role, 
	and brand building takes time – at least seven positive touches.
3.  Measure how much it costs to contact the buyer, as precisely as possible.  
Optimize problems in the sales funnel by measuring everything — attention, acquisition, activation, retention, referral.

4.  Repeat — using software wherever possible.  

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